Stranger Things Is Introducing A New Girl In Season 2, But Is She Good Or Bad?


Less than a day after Netflix officially renewed their hit series Stranger Things for Season 2, the showrunners have already began casting. In the upcoming 9-episode second season, it sounds like the main characters will be getting will be getting a new female friend.

According TVLine, series creators Matt and Ross Duffer will be introducing three brand new major characters into the story. One of them will be a 12-14 year-old girl named Max who is a "tough and confident" character whose "appearance, behavior and pursuits seem more typical of boys than of girls in this era." Apparently Max will elect to kick around on a skateboard instead of bicycle.

The two other new characters will include Max's brother and a gender-neutral role character named "Roman." Max's brother, Billy, will drive a Camaro and has been described as "very muscular and hyper-confident."

The Duffer bros have revealed that most of the Season 1 characters will be returning for Season 2, but Eleven's future with the show is "up in the air."

The first season of the show was set in the 80s, and chronicled the thrilling adventures of a group of four pre-teens including their telekinetic friend Eleven. The kids are looking to find their lost friend Will, who has been trapped in an alternate reality. Will's mother Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Chief Hopper (David Harbour) join in on to aid the rescue efforts.

Season 2 will debut in 2017, and will pick up the story during the year in the fall of 1984 (about a year after season 1).

Are you excited for these new characters coming to Netflix's Stranger Things?

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