Arrested Development Season 5 May Have Flashback Storyline

Arrested Development became a cult-hit success story of the early age of digital streaming. After [...]

Arrested Development became a cult-hit success story of the early age of digital streaming. After an underwhelming (though acclaimed) run on network TV from 2003-2005, the show got continued viewership through home video and streaming sites like Hulu.

In 2013, Netflix launched Arrested Development season 4, bringing back the original cast and creators, but the results were mixed, and the reception from fans lukewarm. That had mostly to do with the fact that the show's fourth season was unlike any other, with the major cast members all too busy to appear in ensemble often, which subsequently meant a season arc focused on individual characters, rather than the group.

Arrested Development season 5 has been teased over and over again (including a January production start), but now we learn that the plans for the season 5 storyline may once again be something fans have a problem with. According to TV Line, Arrested Development season 5 will be in part told in flashbacks.

Arrested Development Season 5 Flashbacks

The exact premise would be a seasonal story that takes place partly in the present, and partly in the past, featuring younger versions of our principal characters in The Bluth family. The obvious reasoning for that format would be to once again accommodate the schedules of its cast members.

According to TV Line, the advantage to that approach is that, "More of the episodes can now include all of the original cast together, with lots of big group family scenes."

The risk, though, is two-fold:

  1. Once again shaking up the formula and format that made Arrested Development a success in the first place (great ensemble comedy).
  2. Relying on a new cast of actors (and possibly child actors) to create younger versions of The Bluths that entertain viewers as well as the main cast has.

Needless to say, most fans are probably hoping this idea won't be set in concrete, and is changed. Most viewers probably want the good ol' fashioned Arrested Development season that famous actor schedules will never again allow for...