Big Hero 6 Opening Night Box Office Is $1.4 Million

Big Hero 6 brought in $1.4 million at the box office in early Thursday showings (via Variety).

This is in increase from Disney's last big animated feature, Frozen, which brought in $1.2 million in early showing on the Tuesday night before Thanksgiving last year.

Considering how well Frozen did during its time in theaters, this bodes well for Disney and Big Hero 6.

The total also crushes late night showings from Warner Bros. rival animated features The LEGO Movie ($400,000) and Rio 2 ($375,000), as well as Disney's own Wreck-It Ralph ($400,000).

The total puts it neck-and-neck with this week's other big opening, Interstellar. Both films are expected to bring in $55-60 million over the weekend.


Big Hero 6 is now playing in theaters.