Dwayne Johnson Reveals Moana Poster and Promises More Movie Secrets

EXCLUSIVE: Here’s your very first look at the official poster for #MOANA! Today also kicks off [...]

If the poster for the latest Disney movie is any indication, it looks like the studio has another huge hit on their hands. Moana could be the next Frozen or Zootopia. Now, it's hard to really have an idea on what the movie will look like until the trailer drops, but Disney fans won't have to wait too much longer, according to Forbes and Dwayne Johnson himself.

The poster is stunning with the bright ocean colors surrounding the featured characters. Moana, played by Auli'I Cravalho, and Maui, played by Johnson, are the focus in the center, with the female lead looking fiery and fierce, and her strong sidekick casually crossing his arms around his giant hook. Oh, and, of course, there are the two animal companions that are sure to add the comic relief.

The attention to detail in the poster alone is also impressive. Ocean wildlife is visible under the water, Moana's clothing has texture, even Maui's hook is covered in intricate details. Let's just hope that level of detail is also apparent in the film.

As part of the campaign leading up to the November release of Moana, Johnson has promised #MoanaMondays where he will be releasing secrets, via Instagram, about the movie every Monday until it's released. Will this overload spoil the movie, or could it be just enough to peak the interest of those who might not venture to see it otherwise? Who's to say. In the past, however, Disney's other movies have done extremely well when there is a bit of secret leading up to it.

Either way, it's hard to go wrong when a movie combines a cast like Johnson, music by Lin-Manuel Miranda, and a kick-ass female lead.