Is The Walking Dead Going To Cut Off Rick's Hand?


Tonight's episode of The Walking Dead was an intense, gut-wrenching episode (literally). If you haven't watched the episode, be warned, major spoilers follow!

Everyone is so concerned with the apparent death of Glenn that they're overlooking one major aspect: Rick's hand was cut by a zombie gut covered machete. He nursed it pretty thoroughly throughout the remainder of "Thank You."

Let's not forget that in comics, Rick lost his hand courtesy of the Governor. Yes, that's a long time ago in the show's sense, but the TV series has ways of changing course for a while and eventually course correcting.

We know that the only solution for fighting infection is to immediately cut off the infected limb, as was the case with Hershel and Tyresse (they tried, at least).


Now, it's been a at least few minutes since Rick's hand was clipped by the machete, but it seems plausible for the show to course correct in direction of the comics and have Rick lose his hand. Andrew Lincoln told us he campaigned to have Rick's hand cut off but The Walking Dead's VFX supervisor told him it would be too expensive to have him, the main character and lead actor, lose an extremity.


Perhaps he was just messing with us.

We'll find out when Rick returns. The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on AMC.