Is WWE Bringing Back The Shield?

At the end of the show on Monday Night Raw, the WWE teased the reunion of The Shield. Chris [...]

At the end of the show on Monday Night Raw, the WWE teased the reunion of The Shield.

Chris Jericho challenged Roman Reigns for the United States Championship. However, the match resulted in a DQ when Kevin Owens jumped in the ring to attack The Big Dog.

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While Jericho and Owens teamed up to take on Roman Reigns, the Big Dog fell victim to a JeriKO. When things were looking grim for Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins make a surprise appearance to save the day.

Rollins took out Kevin Owens and hit him with a suicide dive from the ring. He then took down Jericho with a flying knee strike. Owens then saved Jericho right before Rollins hit him with the Pedigree.

After Reigns and Rollins cleared the ring, they were standing on opposite ends of the mat. The duo locked eyes with a look of mutual respect for the first time since the Shield was broken up by the Architect. The fans began to chant for The Shield.

Because Dean Ambrose was moved to SmackDown Live, the WWE has all but closed the door on a complete Shield reunion. Meanwhile, moving Ambrose hasn't stopped the fans from desperately hoping for the trio to get back together once again, even if it was only for Survivor Series.

There was no handshake between the two WWE superstars, but Reigns and Rollins silently acknowledged one another and it was enough to send the fans into a wild frenzy.

Since The Shield broke up, the WWE has been pushing to make Roman Reigns the biggest star. The fans seemed to regularly boo Roman Reigns when he appeared in the ring, but when the WWE would tease a Shield reunion he would get cheered.

Back in September, rumors began circulating that the WWE was actually considering a Shield reunion. The initial reports came from professional wrestling insider Dave Meltzer. He believed that the WWE wanted to do a Shield reunion either at Royal Rumble or the Survivor Series.

For now, it appears that if there is a Shield reunion that it may just be between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Maybe if the WWE brings all three of them back together, Reigns may find himself in the good graces of the fans once again.

Do you hope the WWE brings back The Shield?

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