Kung Fury II Is In The Works


Kung Fury II: The Movie, a follow-up to Kung Fury, is one step closer to becoming a reality, according to a game developer named Dave Oshry, who shared an image of the front page on Twitter and subsequently found it on the front page of Reddit.

A Kickstarter-funded project starring David Sandberg, Kung Fury was a 2015 comedy that honored and parodied eighties martial arts films, cop action films, and the decade's other entertainment relics.

The basic conceit was...well, too bizarrely great not to just cut and paste from the Kickstarter campaign page.

"During an unfortunate series of events a friend of Kung Fury is assasinated by the most dangerous kung fu master criminal of all time; Adolf Hitler, a.k.a Kung Führer. Kung Fury decides to travel back in time, to Nazi Germany, in order to kill Hitler and end the Nazi empire once and for all. Kung Fury is a visually spectacular action comedy that has its foundation in 80s cop movies."

There's no word yet as to just what the story will be, who will be involved, or when it might be released. Sandberg threw a little fuel on the fire yesterday with this tweet:


The project was funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign topping $600,000, and even features an equally-epic theme song from Eighties icon David Hasselhoff.

You can see the original movie in its entirety on YouTube.