Robert Kirkman Addresses If The Walking Dead And Fear The Walking Dead Will Ever Crossover


Crossovers are one of the hottest topics in entertainment right now. Arrow and The Flash do it. The Flash and Supergirl have pulled it off. Characters from Daredevil have popped up in Jessica Jones. Even Chicago PD and Chicago Fire have overlapped. So, naturally, everyone is still wondering whether or not The Walking Dead and its young companion series Fear the Walking Dead will ever have a crossover event.

Whether or not they will is a good question for the writer and creator of The Walking Dead universe. At Hawaii Comic Con, one fan brought the question straight to him. "They're definitely not in the same timeline just because Fear the Walking Dead starts while Rick grimes is in a coma," Kirkman explains. "So, Fear the Walking Dead season one to a certain extent happens inside of season one of The Walking Dead."

The early part of Kirkman's explanation was a bit of a pretense for his tease of the possibility but overall unlikelihood of a crossover. "We're already on season seven and this one's on season two and that would be crazy," Kirkman says. "As far as if those characters will ever encounter each other, I mean, they're in the same universe so it's completely possible. Geographically, they're no where near each other so it would be somewhat farfetched if group A were to somehow encounter group B unless over the course of many, many, many, many seasons somehow it made sense."

Fear the Walking Dead is currently in its midseason hiatus for its second season, returning to AMC on August 21, with The Walking Dead set to return in mid-October.