Someone Already Gave Cars 3 Teaser Trailer The Logan Treatment

The Cars 3 teaser trailer is strangely dark for the comedic adventure franchise. Instead of an [...]

The Cars 3 teaser trailer is strangely dark for the comedic adventure franchise. Instead of an intense-but-hopeful race or a rip-roaring action scene, the 49 second teaser is introspective, quiet, and ends with the hero of the franchise, Lightning McQueen, in a spectacular crash, parts flying everywhere. Even the tagline is dark and dramatic:

"From this moment, everything will change."

Naturally, with all the drama, someone (A vimeo user) has already taken the trailer and applied the song of the moment, Johnny Cash's cover of "Hurt" by the Nine Inch Nails to the video. The song works incredibly well, even if it's just taken from the very start of the number - the big crash reveal synchs up quite nicely. "Hurt" was most recently used to great effect in the trailer for Logan, 2017's final bow of Hugh Jackman as the X-Men's Wolverine, and has since been applied to several other trailers. Old Man Lightning, anyone?

Cars 3 is the next film in the franchise that debuted in 2006, starring Owen Wilson as the hotrod anthropomorphic racecar Lightning McQueen. After finding himself again in the small town of Radiator Springs, McQueen returned in Cars 2 in 2011, as he and his pal Tow Mater found themselves on an international spy adventure. This time, Mater was the lead with Lightning in tow (pun intended) as his sidekick.

Cars 3, however, looks like it'll be dialing back the adventure and returning to its roots, but going even darker. Hopefully all is well for Lightning and parents everywhere don't have to suddenly explain depression to their toddlers. They may have to calm them down a bit if this teaser trailer is going to air in front of Moana when it debuts in theaters this week, a likely situation. For now, they can enjoy this ridiculous - yet strangely apt - mash-up, colliding Cars 3 with Logan in a terribly awesome (or awesomely terrible?) way.

Cars 3 is in theaters Summer 2017. Logan hits theaters March 3, 2017.