The Walking Dead Recap With Spoilers: Claimed

The “Claimed” episode of The Walking Dead opens with Tara riding in the back of the truck that [...]

The Walking Dead Claimed Michonne

The "Claimed" episode of The Walking Dead opens with Tara riding in the back of the truck that appeared at the end of the last episode. The truck is passing by a number of walkers on the roadway, and Tara is writing down street locations on her hand to remember the way they are traveling. When the truck stops, there are three walkers at the side of the truck reaching up. Tara points an automatic weapon at the walkers, but Abraham barks, "Do not fire that weapon." Abraham then gets out of the truck, and he starts dispatching the walkers with a crowbar. When his crowbar gets stuck in a walker head, he asks to borrow Tara's gun. He then smashes the walker's head with the butt of the gun. Tara tells Abraham that she's never seen that before. When Abraham says that he saw her do the same thing, Tara responds that Abraham was smiling when he did it. Abraham replies, "Well, I'm the luckiest guy in the world." He then asks Tara to help him get gas from one of the abandoned cars on the road, telling her that they have some miles to go. Carl is eating cereal, when Michonne brings him some bottled water. Carl looks at Michonne and laughs. Michonne says, "Do you have something to say about my extremely comfortable and attractive shirt?"  Carl says it looks great, but he points out that she missed a button. Michonne says she wishes they had some soy milk, and Carl relays a story about almost throwing up after trying soy milk. Carl says, "I would rather have powdered milk than to have to drink that stuff again. I would rather have Judith's formula.." Carl stops himself, and he gets up and leaves the room, saying he is going to finish his book. Rick is in the kitchen, when Michonne joins him. Rick says he heard Carl laughing and thanks Michonne. Rick says he can't be both Carl's father and his best friend. Rick says Carl needs her. Michonne says she will go with Carl to get some more supplies. Rick offers to go as well, but Michonne says he still needs to recover. Rick walks Carl and Michonne outside, and they take off together to get supplies. Rick goes back into the house, shutting the door behind him and pushing the couch up against it. Rick seems to aggravate his injuries pushing the couch, so he goes upstairs and lies down in bed to read. Carl and Michonne are leaving another house. Michonne asks Carl if he found anything good. Michonne shows Carl some crazy cheese that she

The Walking Dead Claimed Carl

found, and she offers to let him have the first pull, but Carl isn't interested. Michonne asks if something is wrong, but Carl insists he's fine. Michonne says he doesn't seem fine, and she squirts the cheese into her mouth and makes a face. Carl keeps walking, and Michonne says that she's not good at making boys his age laugh. Michonne says that toddlers found her funny, and she reveals that she had a 3-year-old son. Carl and Michonne enter another house, and Carl starts quizzing Michonne over why she never told him that she had a kid. Carl starts asking multiple questions about if Michonne had any other kids or if she was married. Michonne says, "I'll answer one question at a time, one room at a time, and only after we've cleared it." Rick Grimes is asleep in a bed with a copy of "Selected Short Stories" by Jack London resting on his chest. As Rick sleeps, other voices can be heard in the house. It sounds as if there are a number of men in the house, and someone is pleading for his life. The man's screams finally wake Rick up. Rick looks out in the hallway and sees a man with a gun entering a nearby room. Rick grabs his book and hides under the bed. Then, he remembers his half empty bottle of water and grabs it as well. A man with a gun enters the room, and he starts checking around the room. Rick is sweating under the bed, but he stays quiet. The man stops at the edge of the bed, and Rick can see the blood on his shoes. The man then jumps into the bed to take a nap. Back at the house that Michonne and Carl are checking, Michonne is looking at artwork. Carl comes up behind her and asks her what her son's name was. Michonne says it was Andre Anthony. Carl follows Michonne out into the hallway and asks if she had any other kids, and Michonne says no that one was all she could handle. Carl asks if the hallway counts as a room, and Michonne says only if he can find something they can use. Carl brings her a piece of wrapped up artwork and asks if it counts, and Michonne says it does. Carl asks how long it's been. Michonne says it happened after everything happened. Carl asks Michonne if his dad knows, and she says that she hasn't really told anyone. Carl says her secret is safe with him. Michonne opens up the artwork to hang it, and it's a picture of a child with her mouth taped shut. There are streaks of red like blood splattered across the picture. Michonne goes toward a room and draws her sword. She enters a child's room, and she relaxes when she doesn't see anyone there. She starts looking around the room. She then spies a pink door to another room. Inside the room, there are the bodies of four children, two in each bed. The bodies are decayed with blood on the pillows, as if they turned to walkers and were killed. There is another decayed body in a rocking chair with blood splattered on the wall behind the head of the body, probably the mother, who likely killed the children and took her own life. Carl calls out asking Michonne if everything is ok. Michonne comes out of the pink room and says everything is fine. She quickly shuts the door behind her. Carl asks if there's a baby in there, but Michonne says it's a dog. Carl says that his dad let her name her (referring to Judith), and he says maybe her and Andre are together somewhere. Rick is still hiding under the bed, while the guy above him is snoring. Another guy comes in and asks if he's comfortable. The other guy says that he wants to lay down, and they start fighting over the bed. As the two men wrestle, one of the men spots Rick under the bed. However, the other man chokes him to death before he can reveal Rick's location. The man that won the fight says it's his bed now and lays down. Glenn awakens in the back of Abraham's truck. Tara is beside him and tells him not to move. Glenn asks where they are. Glenn asks Tara if they passed the bus on the road, and Tara tells him that they were all dead in the bus. Glenn wants to know how long since they passed it, and Tara says three hours. Glenn starts banging on the window for them to stop the truck, but Abraham just flips him off. When Glenn starts trying to knock out the window with the butt of a gun, Abraham stops the truck. Glenn grabs his backpack and starts to take off. Abraham says, "I don't know what your lady friend told you about the nature of our mission we're on, but this s*** is time sensitive, and we are already way behind schedule, so I need you to turn your ass around and get back in the truck." Glenn tells Abraham that he has to go. Abraham says the best way to survive in this world is to find like-minded people and stick together. Abraham says, "We need people, the more the better." Glenn says he'll take his chances, but Abraham stops him and says, "I'm going to have to insist that you hold up. Believe it or not, the fate of the entire damn human race might depend on it." Glenn looks at Tara and asks who these guys are. Abraham introduces himself and his companions Rosita and Eugene. Abraham explains that they have to get Eugene to Washington, D.C. Abraham says, "Eugene's a scientist, and he knows exactly what caused this mess." When Glenn asks what happened, Eugene says, "It's classified." Abraham says that they've been talking to Washington on the satellite phone, but no one's been picking up for the last couple of weeks. After seeing how Glenn handled walkers, they felt like they could use his help.

The Walking Dead Claimed Rosita

Glenn says sorry and starts to walk away again. Abraham follows Glenn. Abraham says Tara told them what when down. He says that there is zero chance that Glenn will ever find his wife again either alive or dead. He tells Glenn to get back in the truck and do something with his life. Abraham tells Glenn that when the people we love disappear it doesn't mean that he has to go out that way too. Glenn turns around and punches Abraham in the face, knocking him to the ground. Abraham gets up and tackles Glenn, and they start fighting. Abraham is on top of Glenn choking him. Tara and Rosita are trying to break up the fight. When some walkers come out of the field, Eugene grabs a weapon and starts firing at them. In addition to shooting walkers, Eugene also hits the truck. Abraham tells him to stop firing that they need to get their weapons. Abraham, Rosita, Glenn, and Tara grab weapons, and they kill the rest of the walkers. After all the walkers are dead, Abraham notices that the truck is leaking. Rick starts crawling out from under the bed while the man above him is sleeping. Rick is looking down at the man, when someone calls out for Tony and Glenn to get down there. Rick runs to hide in another room. Someone comes into the same room with a tennis ball and bounces it off the wall, right beside where Rick is hiding. Rick tries to open windows to get away, but the windows are all sealed. One of the men starts yelling about how a woman is shacking up in there, and the men go downstairs. They've found Michonne's shirt, saying it smells like she just washed it this morning. Rick goes into a bathroom, but another one of the men is in there. Rick and the man wrestle, and Rick strangles the man to death. Rick opens a window, but he cracks the door before leaving. Rick climbs out on the window ledge, climbs down the drainpipe and drops onto the back deck of the house. Rick circles the house with the gun he took from the man in the bathroom. As he hides next to the front porch, he hears the man bouncing the tennis ball. Abraham is working on the truck. He's talking about all the truck has been through, and he asks Eugene how he managed to kill the truck. Eugene says, "A fully ramped up state and an ignorance of rapidly firing weapons." Glenn tells Abraham that he's sorry about his ride, and he walks away. Tara follows Glenn. Then, Rosita starts to follow Glenn and Tara as well, asking what else they are going to do. Eugene tells Abraham that they should go with them, because they know that way is clear. Eugene tells Abraham to trust him, because he's smarter than he is. Eugene and Abraham grab weapons and supplies and follow Glenn as well. Rick is still hiding beside the porch. Another man comes out and sits on the porch. He's eating out of a can, and he whistles. Rick sees Michonne and Carl returning. Suddenly, there is a noise inside, as the man that Rick killed has re-animated as a walker. Rick runs out and tells Michonne and Carl to run away. Abraham is talking to Tara and says that she gets why she is following Glenn in that she is loyal. Abraham says Tara is a good person, but he says what they are doing in saving the world is more important. Tara says Abraham doesn't know that she's a good person. Abraham laughs and says she's good. Tara says she doesn't get why Abraham is going to Washington. She says Eugene is going because he's the only one that knows how to stop everything, and Rosita is going because she loves Abraham. However, she's suspect that Abraham is going just to save the world. Rick, Carl, and Michonne are walking down the train tracks. They come upon a railway car. Michonne asks Rick what he thinks, and Rick says, "Let's go." The railway car has a sign that says, "Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those who arrive, survive."