The Walking Dead Season 5 Featured Walkers To Have New Look

The Walking Dead Season 5 Greg Nicotero

The Walking Dead has gained fame as the show that constantly reinvents itself. While many successful shows often fall into the rut of being afraid to chance, The Walking Dead changes things up with new cast members, new locations, and new directions.

The changes don't just apply to the human actors on the show, as the walkers often evolve and change as well. During Season 4 of The Walking Dead, fans got their first look at burned walkers and disease-infected, bleeding-from-the-eyes walkers.

On Season 5 of The Walking Dead, special effects guru Greg Nicotero has promised to change things up again. In an interview with the AMC blog, Nicotero revealed that he had some new tricks up his sleeve and has taken the makeup one step further.

These walkers have been around for what we estimate to be a year and a half, so there's a lot more exposed bone and skin falling off. We've got a whole new look on some of these featured walkers. It's exciting. – Greg Nicotero

However, there appears to one direction that Nicotero won't be going in regards to walkers. When asked about any zombie special effects that he's afraid to do, Nicotero replied, "The zombie baby thing, in our world, is tricky — they did it in the Dawn of the Dead remake, and they did it pretty well. I think kids and babies would be the first ones to be eaten because they're more vulnerable and defenseless. It's a little harder to imagine that they would have survived long enough to become a walker."


The Walking Dead Season 5 will premiere in October on AMC.