The Internet Honored Those We Lost During Tori Kelly's Emmys 2016 In Memoriam Performance

Last night's 'In Memoriam' segment during the Emmys did not leave one dry eye in the building. After Henry Winkler introduced the segment by paying his respects to Garry Marshall, Tori Kelly played a version of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' that brought up every emotion possible.

As Kelly played, we got a slideshow that hit home with how many great artists passed away this year. From Merle Haggard to David Bowie to Gary Shandling, we lost so many talents during the 2016 year. Kelly's performance reflected this emotion while also paying tribute to all of the artists.

Once again, we are reminded of those we lost with the above video. But it shows how talented all of them were in so many different ways. Below are just a few reactions from the Internet that express how we all feel:

This may have been a more impacting segment than most years since so much talent was lost, but damn did they get a great closing song.


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