Transformers: The Last Knight May Have A King Arthur Connection


Michael "Bayhem" is currently filming his 5th (and possibly last) installment in the never-ending, explosive Transformers franchise, entitled Transformers: The Last Knight. We know that Bay likes to control the details of his films, so he's been personally releasing set photos, videos and little plot teases via his social media accounts. Thus, leaving us with no clue as to what the movie will actually be about other than robots fighting robots.

If you remember correctly, the rumor mill spawned a possible storyline based on the classic story of King Arthur: Optimus Prime returns to Cybertron to find the planet dead, to bring it back to life he'll need a mysterious artifact that is located on Earth. The artifact needed to save Cybertron is said to be the Sword Excalibur belonging to Merlin (who gained his magic long ago from a visiting Transformer), the sorcerer mentor to King Arthur.

We have now learned that there may actually be some truth to this silly little story as set photos have emerged from the Isle of Sky, Scotland. In several photos here, you can clearly see that the actors are wearing traditional Medieval clothing and riding horses on lush, grassy hills. Based on these photos, we an start to see the connections between The Last Knight and the legendary story of King Arthur.


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Also, if you look close enough at Optimus Prime in the first official image, you can see that his nose is actually the outline of a sword...or maybe not.