Tremors 6 Confirmed To Be Happening

Even with Kevin Bacon set to star and appear in a TV series based on his cult-favorite [...]

Even with Kevin Bacon set to star and appear in a TV series based on his cult-favorite sci-fi/horror franchise Tremors, a sixth film in the long-running series is apparently in development starring Michael Gross.

Gross played the eccentric Burt Gummer, a supporting character in the first Tremors (which also starred Fred Ward and Reba McIntire) who so dominated every scene that he was in that Gross has appeared either as Gummer or, in one instance, as an ancestor of Gummer's in four sequels and a TV series on The Sci-Fi Channel.

It's Gross who broke the news that a sixth installment is on the way, via a Facebook photo that also showed he will return for the film alongside co-star Jamie Kennedy and director Don Michael Paul, both of whom worked on Tremors 5: Bloodlines.

It's not clear whether Bacon's planned TV series is a sequel or a reboot to Tremors. Tremors 6 will pick up story threads from Tremors 5, which continued Gummer's story as it had been presented in Tremors 1-3 and the Sci-Fi Tremors TV series.

Tremors 4 was set in the Old West and featured Gross not as Burt, but as one of his ancestors. The film is largely regarded by fans as the worst of the series and only semi-canonical.

The franchise centers on Gummer now but the first film was about a group of survivors living in a small town in the middle of nowhere, who were suddenly attacked by a race of giant, worm-like monsters who lived underground. Nicknamed "Graboids," the monsters were attracted to vibrations, meaning that they could sense and attack people moving above them on the ground.

Between 1996 and 2004, three direct-to-video sequels were made, although when the 2003 TV series failed to get off the ground and 2004's fourth installment was less than a hit, it took a decade to get 2015's Tremors 5 made. A two-year turnaround between the fifth and sixth films, then, is likely to excite fans of the long-running series.

Gross, for his part, also told fans in the comments that he will not (as far as he knows yet) be involved with Bacon's TV relaunch.