Watch Elijah Wood Morph Into Daniel Radcliffe

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Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe share more than a few similarities. Both are the stars of major movie franchises and both "grew up" on screen during their Hollywood careers. Both also occasionally sport a similar haircut and have similarly colored blue eyes. Now, a new GIF image is making the rounds showing just how similar the two actors are.

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The image above was anonymously posted to Reddit four days ago, but went viral over the weekend. So far, the gif has been viewed over 7 million times on Imgur, which currently hosts the image, and has received thousands of comments.


Of course, the Internet isn't the only person to notice how similar Radcliffe and Wood are. In 2014, Radcliffe commented on a Reddit AMA that passerbys often confuse him for Wood and he even once signed a picture of Elijah Wood when an autograph seeker handed him a photo of the other actor. Around the same time, Wood appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers and admitted that he's often confused for "Harry Potter". Radcliffe has even gone as far as to suggest that the two should appear in a movie together, playing doppelgangers who try to kill each other.