Star Trek: Discovery's Latest Episode Is 800th Entry In Star Trek Canon

There are now 800 stories set in the Star Trek universe. That's counting every movie and [...]

There are now 800 stories set in the Star Trek universe. That's counting every movie and television episode since Star Trek debuted in 1966. Adding them all up through "There Is a Tide…," the episode of Star Trek: Discovery that aired on New Year's Eve, marks 800 stories in Star Trek canon (meaning we're not counting books, video games, or comics tie-ins). That covers 54 years of stories across 10 television shows spanning 37 seasons plus 13 movies. That's an extensive history for the sci-fi franchise, and it isn't stopping there. The 801st installment of the franchise, Star Trek: Discovery's third season finale, airs on January 7th, and there's plenty more Star Trek to come.

How do those 800 Star Trek stories break down? Here's the list:

That adds up to 809. If you subtract 10 for the various feature-length two-part stories from The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise, and then add one for The Original Series' unaired pilot, "The Cage," you end up with 800 canon Star Trek stories.

While we're not sure when the next episode of Star Trek after the Discovery finale will air, we know they're in the works. Discovery's fourth season is already in production in Toronto. The spinoff series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is in pre-production, and Star Trek: Picard begins shooting its second season in February. Star Trek: Lower Decks will return with new episodes featuring Captain Riker and the USS Titan, and Star Trek: Prodigy is expected to debut in 2021, bringing back Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway. A Section 31 spinoff series starring Michelle Yeoh, who exited Discovery earlier this season, is also in development.

And that's the beginning. Alex Kurtzman, the producer in charge of the Star Trek television franchise, has plans for more Star Trek for years to come.

"Heather Kaden and Aaron Baiers, who work with me at Secret Hideout — we literally just got off a call with the network mapping out with us through 2027," Kurtzman said during a The Hollywood Reporter podcast. "Now when I say that, it's not like it's set in stone. It's just, 'Here's a plan. Here's what we're looking at. Here's how the different shows are going to drop.' Consider the fact that it takes a year from inception — from starting production — to airing, you have to plan way, way, way in advance to get these things done, and you have to stay on top of the zeitgeists and make sure that what you're doing is relevant. So you have to plan so far in advance now in different kinds of ways [like safety and budget] to seem loose and improvisational, but there's nothing loose and improvisational about it."

The Star Trek: Discovery season finale, "That Hope Is You, Part 2," stream on CBS All Access on January 7th.