Star Trek Fan Attempting To Chronicle Every Video Error in the Franchise

Star Trek fans are passionate fans. From deep, detailed knowledge of the show's many characters, alien species, costumes, ships, and even some going as far as to learn and use the Klingon language, the devotion fans have to Star Trek is unparalleled but now one fan is taking things to a new level.

Fan Ashley Blewer has cataloged every single "video error" in the Star Trek universe. Called "Signal Loss", Blewer's exhaustive project has created a site where fans will eventually be able to find every example of moments where audiovisual signal loss is conveyed. Blewer provides examples of this signal loss as times when the crew is experiencing difficulties in talking to a planet, when someone gets stuck in a teleportation device, as well as general glitches on technology and screens. And if that wasn't a big enough task, "Signal Loss" documents these issues on each of the television series through Star Trek: Enterprise.

The "Signal Loss" site provides a primary example for each series, such as the pilot episode of the original series, "The Cage," in which a blurry cloud moves across a screen, distorting the image to represent a radio wave interrupting things, but according to Blewer the project is about more than interesting glitches. Blewer says that hopes to eventually be able to come up with new conclusions about the glitches and what they could mean in the series.

"Eventually, with enough 'research,' I hope to be able to come to some conclusions and overviews beyond what is already obvious," Blewer writes on the site.

The site doesn't yet have moments from any of the movies in the Star Trek franchise nor does it include any entries from Star Trek: Discovery, but "Signal Loss" is a work in progress. Even among the represented series, not every episode is yet documented on the site. But that just means other Trek fans can get in the action. Blewer welcomes contributions to her project, encouraging fellow fans to submit their findings either via an issues tracker on the site or on Twitter.


For fans wanting to help track those issues, they have some time. Star Trek: Discovery just concluded its first season and the CBS ALL Access series isn't expected to return for its second season until sometime in 2019.

[ H/T: AV Club ]