'Star Wars Rebels' Will Answer These Three Questions This Season

The final season of Star Wars Rebels has officially begun airing on Disney XD, which has started a countdown to the final episodes that will eventually air in early 2018. Audiences might not know how much resolution we can expect for the members of the Ghost crew, but Dave Filoni recently confirmed that the fates of Ezra, Kanan, Thrawn and Ahsoka will all be revealed.

“I will say just explaining Ezra’s past and what happens to him and Kanan is a big one,” Filoni told Gizmodo of answers the final season will contain. “Because people have been all over that, seeing as they don’t see many force wielders in A New Hope.”

Throughout the first two seasons, fans saw Ezra's quest to become a Jedi, but after spending time with Darth Maul at the end of Season 2, fans began seeing the darker side of the character. In the episodes since, Ezra has mostly adhered to the Light side of the Force, but all bets are off for the final season.

"We brought Thrawn into the picture, so we have to answer questions about him,” Filoni confessed.

Thrawn originally debuted in a series of novels in the '90s, but when Disney purchased Lucasfilm, it deemed that only the live-action films and Star Wars: The Clone Wars were officially canon elements, erasing Thrawn's existence. Filoni was such a fan of the character, he brought him back to the galaxy far, far away, with Thrawn having since become a fan-favorite villain.

“And I would say, just because it’s been a constant question that I’ve gotten, people keep wondering what happens to a character like Ahsoka,” Filoni shared.

Ahsoka debuted in the Clone Wars animated series, which was unexpectedly canceled by the Cartoon Network, preventing the series from coming to a natural conclusion. Luckily, Filoni found an organic way to bring the character back for Rebels, allowing for more opportunities to explore the character's fate.

“I would say that all of these things are on the table this season, because you try to answer all those things in the course of the series,” Filoni promised. “So we tried to really bring all those answers to bear, whether people would like the answer or not, because it’s got to be contained within this story. So all those things were on the table going into this season.”

Tune in to Disney XD on Monday nights at 9:00 PM ET to catch new episodes of Star Wars Rebels.

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