We Might Be Seeing the Start of a Star Wars / Monty Python Meme War

It's hard to find an actor as identifiable with a franchise as Mark Hamill and his character of [...]

It's hard to find an actor as identifiable with a franchise as Mark Hamill and his character of Luke Skywalker is with Star Wars, and the same could be said for Fawlty Towers. If you bring up the classic BBC comedy you're most likely going to have John Cleese's Basil Fawlty come to mind. Both actors also like to have fun on social media, interacting with fans and delivering some sarcastic and always entertaining comments, especially on Twitter. Over the last few days, we've seen this in spades, and we might have just witnessed the beginning of a delightful meme war.

For some context, Hamill has previously stated how big a fan he is of Cleese, who is most known for projects like the Monty Python series and movies, Fawlty Towers, A Fish Called Wanda, and many others. Cleese took to Twitter to share how difficult it was to get those now classic projects greenlit, and it's something he takes heart from (via Mashable).

"Still, I take heart from the fact that every UK and US studio passed on 'Life of Brian', 10 out of 11 Hollywood studios turned down 'Fish called Wanda', and the man who commissioned 'Fawlty Towers' told me, after the first episode, that I had to 'get it out of the hotel more'"

Steve Weintz then replied with a GIF of Hamill's Skywalker from Star Wars: The Last Jedi during his memorable final confrontation with Kylo Ren, where he brushes his shoulder off. Cleese then replied "I love this Who is the actor ?"

As you might imagine, Hamill had a great response to Cleese's words, saying "I love Basil Fawlty. Who is the actor?" That prompted Monty Python star Eric Idle to respond with a "Ha ha." We haven't heard from Cleese yet, but we are hoping it isn't long before we see more great tradeoffs between the two fan-favorite stars.

Fans will see Hamill reprise his role as Skywalker in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode IX, which will release on December 20th.


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