Star Wars: Andor Star Adria Arjona Teases Bix's Arc

In addition to Diego Luna's Cassian Andor, Andor has been following many exciting characters in the Star Wars universe. The series introduced fans to Bix Caleen who is being played by Morbius' Adria Arjona. Bix has a close relationship with Cassian, but things fell apart quickly for the character in the show's first arc when her lover Timm Karlo (James McArdle) became jealous of Cassian and ratted him out for killing two members of the Pre-Mor Authority. This ultimately led to Timm's death, and Bix was left dealing with the aftermath. Eventually, she is taken by Dedra Meero (Denise Gough) and the ISB and tortured. While the show hasn't revealed what's next for Bix, Arjona recently talked about her character's arc with and teased that things will never be the same for the character. 

"I think that the betrayal of Timm is what completely breaks her. She can't understand why that happened and also feels so silly and stupid and sort of judges herself. She trusted him and she doesn't really trust people. That sort of takes her on this spiral where she's no longer Bix. She loses that autonomy. She loses that power, that fierceness, I mean she saw her partner sort of die in front of ... and I think his death really is what switches everything for Bix. And that head injury doesn't help her either," Arjona explained. 

"What I wanted to do – and I asked Tony [Gilroy] – I really wanted her to turn into this child," Arjona added. "You meet her as this woman that is so empowered and has everything under control, who takes care of Cassian. And then towards the end, she cannot [even] take care of herself."

How Did Adria Arjona React to Being Cast in Star Wars?

"Well, I really had troubles with this because I was like, I'm gonna tell my mom, obviously and I'm gonna call my mom and tell her all about it," Arjona previously told "But then I was like, then the whole island of Puerto Rico's gonna know. So I was like, I don't want that." She added, "I think I really shared it with my partner, 'cause he was with me while I was filming. So I would sort of come home and he would help me read lines and stuff. He hasn't read any of the scripts, doesn't really know everything, but he knows a little bit of what sort of I go through. So I think I'm still keeping him... I think protecting a fan's experience or protecting anyone's experience when watching a show like this is so crucial and so important, but I also didn't wanna tell anybody. I try to forget myself."

Andor releases new episodes on Disney+ on Wednesdays.