Star Wars: Boba Fett Gets New Armor in Marvel's War of the Bounty Hunters

Marvel Comics kicked off their latest Star Wars crossover event this week with War of the Bounty Hunters, a new story that will connect The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi by focusing on what happened with Boba Fett and the in-carbonite-Han Solo between the films. The Prelude issue arrived today, setting up the story itself but featuring some awesome moments with everyone's favorite bounty hunter, including a moment where he paid tribute to his late father, Jango Fett. In addition, Fett sports a brand new suit of armor in the story which you can see below! Spoilers ahead!

As the issue begins Boba is on his way to Jabba's palace only to realize that something is amiss with the carbonite holding Captain Solo. The bounty hunter takes him to the planet Nar Shaddaa, aka the "Smuggler's Moon," to visit an associate Doc Ragon who tells him that carbonite isn't meant to hold living tissue and that if something isn't done to stabilize it then Han is going to liquify inside the case. The Doc needs payment upfront, something Boba can't provide, so they work out a deal for him to kill someone in exchange for stabilizing Solo. Naturally, Fett being Fett, his armor will be easily recognized, but he and the doc come up with a means for changing it just enough and giving him an alias.

War of the bounty hunters boba fett new armor
(Photo: MARVEL )

Ragon uses nano-spray paint to cover Fett in black, something he says will wear off in a couple of days. As for the Jango shout out, Fett picks the alias so he can fight in the Nar Kanji arena (where Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Kanjiklub gets its name) and take down his target. Naturally, he does all that, but just before he steps into the arena to begin his fight he flashes back to the last time he was in such a place, the pits of Geonosis where his father was killed by the Jedi in Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

star wars boab ett new armor
(Photo: MARVEL)

By issue's end, Boba is back in his armor without the black spray paint but he has a new problem on his hands, Doc Ragon is dead and Han Solo is missing. The War of the Bounty Hunters begins. The story continues next week in Star Wars #13, the full solicit for which can be found below!

(Photo: MARVEL )

Star Wars #13
(W) Charles Soule (A) Ramon Rosanas (CA) Carlo Pagulayan
• CHEWBACCA has heard from an old friend with intelligence on the location of notorious bounty hunter BOBA FETT, known to be in possession of HAN SOLO.
• Along with LUKE SKYWALKER, the loyal Wookiee sets off in search of his lost friend, on an adventure to Nar Shadaa... the SMUGGLER'S MOON!
• But will this mission prevent plucky astromech droid ARTOO DETOO from passing along a crucial message to Luke, one that will affect the fate of the entire Jedi Order...?
Rated T