Star Wars: Doctor Aphra to Be Adapted into Audio Series

One of the most popular new additions to the Star Wars canon in recent years is Doctor Aphra, a morally grey "Indiana Jones" type who quickly became a fan-favorite. Aphra first appeared in the Darth Vader solo comic series and went on to become the first character created in new Star Wars comics to star in her own in-canon comic series. Fans have often speculated, and pleaded, for her to make the jump to live-action in a series or film somehow, and they're about to get a new dimension of Aphra later this summer in the form of an audio drama.

Lucasfilm announced today that Doctor Aphra: An Audiobook Original will be available for download everywhere audiobooks are sold on July 21. Written by Sarah Kuhn (Heroine Complex), the audio drama will include a full cast of voices as the characters plus new sequences with "familiar faces."

"Our story is based on this series of Darth Vader comics by Kieron Gillen & Salvador Larroca, and it's all about what happens when Aphra ends up working for Darth Vader and has all kinds of adventures," Kuhn said. "I love Aphra because she is the definition of chaos, she never looks before she leaps, she's always seeking thrills, and she's charming to a fault. You never really know exactly what she's going to do which means that personally I think she's having the most fun of anyone in the Star Wars galaxy."


"In writing this story for the audio format I really wanted to us firmly in Aphra's POV. What we hear is all filtered through her very colorful lens, and she is of course the most unreliable narrator ever. I had such an amazing time expanding this story to delve into her relationships, her past, her feelings, even though she would probably be the first person to tell you that she doesn't have feelings; and while Aphra is to me the most exciting character, there are a lot of other exciting characters in this story. Her favorite murderous droid sidekicks, Triple Zero and Beetee, her old flame Sana Starros, they're all in there. And this will be a dynamic audio book, complete with a full cast of your favorite Star Wars narrators and possibly some exciting new voices."

Are you excited to hear Doctor Aphra come to life in your very ears? Lets us know in the comments if you'll be picking up the new audio drama when it debuts this summer.