New Star Wars Galaxy Map Revealed Courtesy of Disney Parks Expansion

This Star Wars Galaxy is looking different on this new map from Disney Parks. This information [...]

This Star Wars Galaxy is looking different on this new map from Disney Parks. This information from the company was created to give fans some insight on where Batuu fits into the existing universe of Star Wars as posted on Reddit. The location is primarily featured in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at different Disney Theme Parks across the world. As things begin to reopen, there will be some subtle tweaks to existing attractions, and Star Wars is no different in that regard. Seeing all the existing planets laid out like this really informative and helps shed a light on tricky subjects that have been debated in the fandom over the past year like Exegtl. A lot of the conversation surrounding Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker revolved around how such an important planet could be relatively unknown after all that time.

Disney's map reads, "As you see, Batuu is in the Western Reaches of the Outer Rim, perched on the edge of the known and the unknown. It is precisely this location that has shaped the planet's history. Before advanced hyperspace capabilities. Batuu's position made it a bustling fueling stop for ships heading into Wild Space. With the advances technology and well-charted hyperplanes, most modern travelers choose to bypass Batuu, resulting in the planet becoming a crossroads for adventures and a haven for those who prefer life in the shadows."

Star Wars: Traveler's Guide to Batuu canon reference book gives us another official galaxy map from r/StarWarsLeaks

For those looking to visit Disneyland soon,'s Spencer Perry broke down the reopening dates that were announced today for July:

"The Walt Disney Company is getting ready to re-open their Disneyland Resort. Disney Parks, Experiences and Products officially announced today they've developed proposed plans for a phased reopening of the resort. Pending approval of the state and local government, the Downtown Disney District will be the first to reopen on July 9 with Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure park set to reopen on July 17. Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa and Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel will follow afterward on July 23. As expected, the capacity for the parks will be "significantly limited" as they abide by government requirements for being open and promoting distancing between parties."

Disney is hatching a brand new system for guests to make reservations at the Disneyland Resorts. So, anyone anticipating a trip to a galaxy far, far away will have to keep their eyes and ears peeled for more developments on that front.

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