Star Wars: Rian Johnson Open to Jar Jar Binks, Old Characters Returning in New Trilogy

Ever since Lucasfilm announced a brand new Star Wars trilogy from The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson, fans have been clamoring for details about the plot, setting, and characters.

But even though Johnson himself still isn't sure what exactly his new storyline will entail, the writer and director seems open to any possibility — including the return of Jar Jar Binks.

While talking about his new trilogy with Yahoo!, Johnson was asked if old characters could return in the new trilogy.

"I'm just starting to think about it, and get into, so who knows?" said Johnson. "I want to keep it just totally wide open in terms of possibilities. That's what's so exciting about it right now, just the notion of one story, three movies, the sky's the limit. We can really do anything. The possibilities are thrilling."

When asked if Jar Jar Binks could return, Johnson was open to the prospect.

"I would be down with bringing old Jar Jar back — we'll see," he said, laughing.

When Yahoo!'s Kevin Polowy replied that Jar Jar is due for a comeback like Mickey Rourke, Johnson came up with a great idea for A Star Wars Story-style film.

"What if it was just in the style of The Wrestler except it was Jar Jar?" Johnson countered. "We'd shoot it in black and white."

In all seriousness, a Jar Jar movie is not in the works and it's pretty unlikely that Johnson would bring the character back in his own trilogy.

What is noteworthy, however, is how open Johnson is to bringing in existing characters to his new narrative. When Lucasfilm first announced the trilogy, it seemed like it would consist of entirely new characters in an entirely new area never before seen in the Star Wars galaxy.

While all of that is still possible, it's apparent that nothing is set in stone at this point, which leaves room for ANYTHING to happen (except the Old Republic — sorry, gamers).

We asked Johnson about the problems coming up with a new Star Wars movie, but he said he was simply excited for the challenge.


"Right now it's just excitement. It's like the possibility of a brand new story, 3 movies, just go anywhere and tell anything, meet some new folks, see some new places," Johnson said. "That to me, I mean just, in the Star Wars world? I'm like yeah, I'm bubbling with excitement about it."

We'll get a taste of what Johnson's capable of in A Galaxy Far, Far Away when Star Wars: The Last Jedi premieres in theaters on December 15.