New Issue of 'Poe Dameron' Explains Pilot's Surprise 'The Force Awakens' Reappearance

The Star Wars saga has regularly left elements of its narrative open to interpretation by the audience, allowing viewers to figure out answers for themselves instead of catering to every detail like we're toddlers. Some viewers have attempted to discredit The Last Jedi by claiming it was full of vague "plot holes," and while that film prefers ambiguity to over-explanation, one of the biggest head-scratchers in the new trilogy of films from Disney relates to Poe Dameron's journey in The Force Awakens.

The pilot was seen flying a TIE Fighter with Finn that crash landed on Jakku, with Finn emerging from the crash and Poe nowhere to be found. Later, Poe is alive and well on the Resistance's base on D'Qar, with no explanation for how he got there. The latest issue of Marvel's Poe Dameron sheds light on the character's escapades while also hinting at him being more of a screwup than audiences had realized.

***WARNING: Spoilers below for Poe Dameron #26***

In Poe Dameron #26, the series jumps from before the events of The Force Awakens to almost immediately after the Battle of Crait, with Poe finally interacting with Rey and explaining to Finn how he met up with the Resistance after Jakku. Poe reveals that he hit Finn's ejector seat well before the crash, which is why Finn wakes up so far from the wreckage. The pilot was thrown from the TIE, but before Finn could find him, the TIE exploded, leading Finn to believe Poe was killed along with it.

Luckily, Poe crossed paths with a junker and, after helping the junker escape some thieves, was able to get a ride to a waystation before finding transport back to the Resistance base on D'Qar.

In addition to readers seeing Poe use his wits and piloting abilities, his interactions in this issue with Leia Organa paint him as a screw-up, making it seem much more plausible that his actions in The Last Jedi so regularly caused harm to his fellow pilots as he didn't calculate the dangerous consequences of many of his missions.

While many fans were willing to overlook the details of how Poe ended up on D'Qar, now we have our official answer.

Fans can next see Poe in Episode IX, which lands in theaters on December 20, 2019.


Poe Dameron #26 is on sale now.

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