Star Wars: Mark Hamill Regrets 'The Last Jedi' Cutting Luke's Reaction to Han's Death

Clocking in at over two-and-a-half-hours long, The Last Jedi is the longest installment in the [...]

Clocking in at over two-and-a-half-hours long, The Last Jedi is the longest installment in the Star Wars saga so far. Despite its runtime, writer/director Rian Johnson's ambitious vision of the story had to cut some scenes from the film's theatrical release, many of which appear on the film's Blu-ray. Star Mark Hamill may be happy with the final product, but he did confirm he was disappointed that Luke Skywalker's revelation that Han Solo had died didn't get as much focus in the theatrical release of the film.

"Yes, of course because it shows Luke was putting on a facade in front of Rey and even Chewie, that he was embittered and sort of a broken man," Hamill confirmed with IGN about if he regrets the scene's omission. "And I think the fact that he could let his emotions out when he was by himself would have made an impact on the audience because it allowed them to grieve the loss of Han Solo just the way Luke felt it."

The actor might be remorseful of the scene ending up on the cutting room floor, yet he's also well-aware of how much time is spent in the editing room to craft the best product possible.

"But that always happens in films," the actor admitted. "You say, 'Oh, what about this scene where this happens or that happens?' because you want to give the fullest experience that you can. And like you say, it was brief enough that I was -- [chuckles] They had time for me to milk that big alien but to show any human emotion? Nah, we don't have time for that. But again it's not my call."

While some may point to the actor's small issues with the final product as confirmation that The Last Jedi wasn't a solid entry into the Star Wars franchise, another regret the actor shared was voicing his disagreements with Johnson's approach to the saga.

"I wish they hadn't done that. I'll tell you why, because that should remain in the rehearsal process," Hamill expressed of footage from The Director and the Jedi featuring his doubts of the project to Entertainment Tonight. "That should be between the screenwriter and the director and I regret saying that out loud. I said it before I saw the whole movie put together. It prejudices people in a way that's unfair because people that are unhappy with the movie will cite that and say, 'See? Hamill hated it too.'"

Fans can enjoy The Last Jedi, deleted scenes and all, which is now available on Digital HD and Blu-ray.

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