The Mandalorian Reveals All-New Look at Its Ship, Razor Crest

Star Wars fans are scraping and clawing for every bit of information about The Mandalorian that they can get. Today brought some new facts about The Mandalorian's ship, The Razor Crest. IGN is reporting some of the first details about the title character's ride ahead of the Disney+ series' release. "Mando", as he is known among some of the characters, rides alone, and that is a major focus when it comes to The Razor Crest.

Everything is formatted for a single pilot, which fits well with the lone gunfighter theme of the show. There are dual control sticks to help maneuver out of tight spots and frenetic firefights. There is even a hook for the pilot to hang their stuff up on so that everything doesn't go flying around the cockpit during the heat of battle. All in all, the craft harkens back to some well-known ships from other Star Wars lore.

(Photo: IGN)

Fans have likened the designs to Low Altitude Assault Transports used by the Republic during the Clone Wars. Others look at the Razor Crest as more similar to Wookiee crafted Auzituck-class gunships. Of course, the fanbase can't help but point toward all of the bounty hunter vehicles from over the years. Entertainingly enough, the Razor Crest actually shares a similarity with some of those older crafts from the original trilogy. reports that The Mandalorian's ship was manufactured as a practical model instead of being CGI. The site says, "ILM model maker John Goodson built the craft using old-school techniques combined with cutting-edge 3D printing and LEDs for the engine lighting effects. Meanwhile, special effects legend John Knoll crafted a special motion-control rig in his garage so the model could be used for composite shots."

All of this is exciting and after the D23 trailer for the series back in August, excitement is expanding even higher than before. Jon Favreau is the writer, creator, and showrunner for the series. He has been very careful with details about his show. But he told The Hollywood Reporter about how he ended up at the helm of such a big project for Disney+ on one of the biggest franchises available on the platform.


"I wrote four of the episodes before I even had a deal, because I wanted to do this but only if they wanted to do the version that I wanted to do," Favreau began. "I had been thinking about Star Wars since Disney acquired Star Wars. When I was working on Lion King, it was a full-time job for a few of the years, but there was a lot of time when I just had to be available for three very focused hours a day. The TV model allowed me to be an executive producer [on Mandalorian], which allowed me to, on my own time, write everything. It's a lot like being a chef. You write the menu, you staff up with people who are great at what they do, you oversee and help guide the people who are actually cooking the food, working the line, and then at the end, you plate."

Are you excited for The Mandalorian? Let us know in the comments. The Mandalorian premieres on Disney+ on November 12th.