Ross Marquand Thanks 'Walking Dead' Co-Star Following Departure

In a heartfelt post dedicated to his now-former Walking Dead co-star, Ross Marquand paid tribute to Eric actor Jordan Woods-Robinson and their time together on the AMC series.

In the show's fifth season, Marquand joined at a very similar time as Woods-Robinson. Though Marquand was briefly featured in an episode prior to Woods-Robinson's debut, their arrival on the AMC series was near simultaneous. Marquand's Aaron would quickly lead the group to Woods-Robinson's Eric and, from there, most times Eric would appear on the show, it would be with Aaron.

Marquand took to Instagram on Wednesday morning for a tribute to his co-star.

"Now that folks have (hopefully) had the chance to watch the latest [The Walking Dead episode]..." Marquand wrote. "I'd like to express deep gratitude to my partner in crime, [Jordan Woods-Robinson]. This immensely talented actor/musician/artist rocked the role of Eric right out the gate and has always been there, both on and off set."

Similar to the message Woods-Robinson sent on Twitter on Tuesday, Marquand went beyond thanking his co-star and thanked the fans and, more specifically, the LGBTQ community which has supported their characters. "To our LGBTQ community, thank you for going on this journey and sharing your stories of heartache and triumph with us - we will never forget your words," Marquand wrote. "To all the fans of this show...please join me in wishing Jordan all the best for the future! Miss ya, brotha."

Check out the post below.

As a result of Eric's death, Aaron will continue to emerge as a leader on The Walking Dead, both as a soldier and potentially as a father to Gracie.

"I hated that moment," Marquand said on After the Dead. "It's rough because I mean it's such a bittersweet moment where they feel like they've got the upper hand on the Saviors, and the battle is going really well, and then Eric just goes on this Rambo-esque stampede, and he's just mowing these guys down left and right. And it's cool to see Eric just really get this adrenaline and start really stepping up a huge way. And then for that to be the outcome of this incredibly brave act... It was really tough to film that."

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 pm ET on AMC. For complete coverage and insider info all season long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.

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