Does Negan Know About Dwight On 'The Walking Dead'?

The Walking Dead's villain might be aware that one of his most trusted men has turned against him in favor of Rick Grimes.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 8 follow.

Following the Season 7 finale, Negan knew it was time for war. His Saviors group was chased out of Alexandria when heavily armed Hilltop and Kingdom communities rushed to the aid of Rick's people. The leatherclad villain head back to his Sanctuary to rally the troops and prepare for war but when Rick showed up at his doorstep in the Season 8 premiere, Negan was not exactly eager to do battle.

Instead, Negan let Rick's group on fire on his home before they ultimately dumped a walker herd on it and set course for several of his outposts. As seen in Episode 8x02, a note from Dwight would help Rick and Daryl hunt down heavy guns. Those guns, however, were moved and used to slay the entire Kingdom army.

Given Negan's tactical thought processes, as evidenced in his readiness for Rick's initial attack in the Season 7 finale, the villain may have planted a seed to find out if there was a mole in his group.

Dwight sent Rick to the Browning outpost, thinking the guns were still there. It appears Negan kept the order to move the guns quiet. With Rick having gone straight to the location where they were being held, it may appear to Negan someone tipped him off to their location.

Furthermore, the Saviors were ready and waiting for Ezekiel's arrival. They gunned down one of the largest factions of Rick's army. A Savior had seen them coming but appeared to become a Shiva snack prior to relaying his warning to the group. Still, they knew King Ezekiel was not far.

While it appears things are working out in the favor of Rick's army over Negan's, the villainous leader of the Saviors might in fact have the upper hand. Last seen trapped in a trailer with Father Gabriel, the character might be smiling despite his predicament because he knows his Saviors are going to come out on top of Rick's overconfident attacks. Of course, he probably didn't account for Rick and Daryl ultimately seizing the guns as they did on the road in Episode 8x04, but until that point, things were not going to poorly for his group.

In the end, though, it all could mean trouble for Dwight. Having revealed the location of guns Negan secretly moved, the character might be the victim of a set up by his manipulative leader.

Going forward, Negan may or may not plant more seeds to discover which of his men is tipping off Rick's army with information regarding their weaponry and attack plans.

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