'The Walking Dead's Avi Nash Offers Insight On Siddiq's Loyalties

The Walking Dead newcomer Avi Nash visited Talking Dead Sunday after his character, Siddiq, was invited by Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) to join the Alexandria community. Nash fielded a call-in question from a fan, who asked if Siddiq has any idea Carl's group is currently embedded in a nasty war with the Saviors.

No, absolutely not. I think I got as far as Carl saying, 'I have a community, and water that you can screw the top off of,' and I’m like, 'I’m in! This is great.' No, I have no idea that there’s a war, and I think the kindness that Carl has shown me — Siddiq is the type of person that if there’s a war, he’s gonna do what it takes to repay, I think, the favor that Carl has done. So he doesn’t know what he’s in for at all.

Some fans have shown apprehension towards the loner, but Siddiq and Carl bonded with sentiments of their deceased mothers. Siddiq tells Carl he's put down more than 200 walkers as a means to honor his mother, who believed doing so would "free their souls."

"I'm responsible for you now," Carl tells Siddiq, after inducting him with the three questions: How many walkers have you killed, how many people have you killed, and why?

Siddiq, who is Arab-American, gets his name from the Arabic word meaning "truthful." In the comics, Siddiq is one of the good guys and strikes up a relationship with an Alexandrian resident already present on the show.

Siddiq's comic book counterpart wasn't introduced until after the war between Alexandria, the Hilltop, the Kingdom and the Saviors had completed, while Nash first showed up in The Walking Dead's 100th episode, "Mercy," also the show's season 8 premiere.

Entering the show earlier than in the books — and show Siddiq's friendship with Carl — suggest a more important role for Siddiq on The Walking Dead series than in the comic books.

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