'The Walking Dead' Survey Rumored To Spoil The Cause Of Father Gabriel's Illness

A customer survey purportedly sent out by AMC seemingly reveals the identity of the mysterious ailment afflicting The Walking Dead's Father Gabriel.

Reddit user Jenja1974 took to the social chatter site Sunday to share their findings, reporting a survey circulated by AMC asked the following question: "Do you think that Gabriel will die of the flu or will he survive?"

The ending of episode 8x05, aired in November, revealed Father Gabriel to be in dire straits: the feverish-looking priest was discovered in a sickly state at the Sanctuary, home base of the Saviors, where he has remained in poor health for the entirety of season 8.

Gabriel had slathered himself in bloody walker innards to escape certain doom, the gory camouflage allowing him to move freely amongst a horde of walkers.

His temporary companion, Negan, explained people had grown sick from exposure to walker guts before, but speculation arose Gabriel's mysterious illness was somehow tied to the barrel of an unidentified dangerous substance spotted in 8x04.

Walkers that had apparently become irradiated by contact with the gooey substance suggest the possibility Gabriel could have come in contact with radioactive walker guts, leading to his severe flu-like symptoms.

A bedridden Gabriel was last seen in 8x08, December's mid-season finale, attempting to convince old ally Eugene to escape the Sanctuary. A seemingly turned traitor Eugene helps Gabriel and Dr. Carson find freedom, but despite lending his temporary assistance, Eugene refuses to leave his post as a newly-elected Savior general.

Gabriel and Carson can be spotted fleeing the Sanctuary in the preview for Sunday's episode, "Dead Or Alive Or," which sees a red-eyed Gabriel looking to be in rough shape and pulling a gun on something — or someone.

Speaking to TV Guide, Father Gabriel actor Seth Gilliam said he's open to the television series adapting Gabriel's "fantastically operatic death" from Robert Kirkman's comic book series.

It was there that Gabriel met his gruesome end after falling victim to a stab wound and being devoured by a flood of walkers.

"Hanging upside with broken bones and being slit open and fed upon by an entire herd of walkers I think is definitely a way to go out," Gilliam said.

On the other hand, Gilliam said, Gabriel going "in his sleep by a massive coronary would be good."


"With a warm smile on his face," he joked. "At the age of 97."

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.