Andrew Lincoln Comments On The Walking Dead Finale Cliffhanger

The Walking Dead's season six finale has come with a good bit of controversy. In case you've [...]

TWD Rick Hanger

The Walking Dead's season six finale has come with a good bit of controversy.

In case you've stayed off of Twitter and away from Facebook comment sections, fans of The Walking Dead are in a bit of an uproar over the fact that we don't know who Negan killed. His bat came down and the tweets went up. We have to wait until October to see who the winner (or in this case, loser) of eenie-meenie-minie-moe was which is not sitting well with some fans.

The cast and crew are aware the uproar. Scott Gimple already weighed in on the decision during Talking Dead immediately after the episode.

Today, had the chance to talk to Rick Grimes himself, Andrew Lincoln, and get his opinion on the fan reaction.

"I think people are well within their limits to feel whatever they feel," Lincoln says. "That's why people watch drama because they want to feel things. That reaction is a compliment in itself, that they're feeling things, that they're angry about it and they're taking it upon themselves to write about it because people are devoted to the show and they want to go on this ride. I will say, not in defense because I don't necessarily think it needs to be defended because I think it's a brilliant way to finish a season in this manner, in the way it was shot, with the way Greg [Nicotero] did it... I thought it was extraordinary."

The brutal scene cut to the point of view of the victim, tossing the audience right into their helpless shoes. Lincoln loved that, too.

"It was like an assault on the audience almost, the way that we go to their POV," the actor goes on. "It's an incredibly dynamic way to do it. I do think that it's a courageous thing that Scott's chosen to do. I will say to the fans that leaving it open ended in this way means that we have to return to the season in the opening episode with a terrible, emotionally impactful episode, which is not conventional storytelling. Conventional storytelling is, 'Welcome back, we're here.' Escape from Terminus being one. Or Alexandria, you know, a big action packed call to arms.. He's not chosen to do that. He has chosen to do something much more challenging because it's gonna be... They're gonna start and one of us is gonna go. I think that was incredibly daring story telling, not that it needs to be defended, and equally, everybody has their right to feel exactly what they want to feel about our cliffhanger."

Lincoln's perspective did ultimately close with his opinion, saying, "Although, personally, I love it."

The Walking Dead returns in October but its season 7 trailer will likely spawn from San Diego Comic Con in July.