Coronavirus Pandemic Lets The Walking Dead Fan Recreate Eerie Poster of Rick Grimes in Empty Atlanta

Streets emptied by the coronavirus pandemic in Atlanta, Georgia, allowed a fan of The Walking Dead [...]

Streets emptied by the coronavirus pandemic in Atlanta, Georgia, allowed a fan of The Walking Dead to recreate the iconic poster for the zombie drama's first season that showed Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) riding into the quiet city by horseback in the earliest days of the zombie apocalypse, caused by the outbreak of a mysterious virus. The photo, snapped from Atlanta's Jackson Street Bridge, was taken after Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced Thursday she signed an executive order limiting restaurants to take out service, closing bars, gyms and other areas of social gathering to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

"With there being no Atlanta traffic due to the pandemic, [the photographer] went to Jackson St Bridge and took this for me today," reads a tweet from @WalkingTrojen. "Creepy."

The eerie re-creation comes as physical production on The Walking Dead Season 11 has been pushed back three to four weeks, and filming on the sixth season of Fear the Walking Dead shut down for a month due to coronavirus. Work on Season 11 is continuing remotely under showrunner Angela Kang.

"We are very well set up to work remotely," Kang told The Hollywood Reporter after the writers' room was ordered to work from home. "I'm a tech head. We do video conferences regularly. On a normal basis, I'm very stringent about, 'If you're sick, don't come into the office.' The other day, I was on the phone and in meetings from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., all day straight. I did Skype, I did FaceTime, I did Zoom, I did remote reviewing of VFX. We are very well set up to work remotely. That's been fine for us."

"Today, nobody is going to be at the office. The room will continue to run. We're doing it by conference call and we're doing it by video conference. Everything will continue to run, but on a remote basis," Kang continued. "We use Zoom. This is how we conference with Georgia when we're in production. I like the face-to-face of it. We've done this for many years. Even when we're not in a pandemic, any time anyone is sick, they just call into the room and it's not a big deal. We're very used to doing this."

Most recently, AMC pulled The Walking Dead: World Beyond from its scheduled Sunday, April 12 premiere date following The Walking Dead Season 10 finale. The ten-episode first season of the two-season limited event series will now reach AMC later this year.

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