‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Episode 410: Close Your Eyes Preview Released

AMC has released a look at the next episode of Fear The Walking Dead following Sunday’s [...]

AMC has released a look at the next episode of Fear The Walking Dead following Sunday's midseason premiere. Per the official synopsis:

Alicia's forced to reckon with an agonizing past while seeking refuge from a storm.

The episode pairs Alicia with Charlie, an orphan and former Vulture mole who has since gone mute since murdering Alicia's brother, Nick.

"Charlie has been through a lot for anyone, but particularly for a child so young. Yes, she lost her Vulture family, but she's also wrestling with the guilt of being the first Vulture that was inside the gates of the stadium and alerted the Vultures to the presence of the stadium. And killing Nick. She's got a lot of guilt and emotional baggage that she's carrying. There's a lot unresolved in Charlie that she doesn't quite know how to reconcile," co-showrunner Ian Goldberg told EW.

"One of our favorite scenes in the episode is Dorie trying to connect with Charlie as someone who isolated himself at one point, as we saw in episode 405. He holed up in a cabin because he felt so much guilt over what he'd done and couldn't forgive himself for it and tried to appeal to Charlie to open up the best way Dorie knows how, through Scrabble. But Dorie can relate to that and he knows it wasn't easy for him to come back to the world, and it took the love of June, then Laura, to make him reconnect with people and to forgive himself. Charlie hasn't found that yet. And it's going to be difficult for her to forgive herself."

Alicia can be seen wrestling the trying-to-run Charlie, who she suspects is trying to kill her. As Alicia puts it, "getting me before I can get you."

The last-surviving member of the Clark family, Alicia — who split from Strand and Luciana and went to live on her own in a greenhouse — struggled to live up to the example set by her freshly killed-off mother, Madison, embarking on a dangerous mission to save a stranger from walkers.

"Alicia wants so much to carry on like Madison, she wants to carry forward that purpose. And her failure to do that is crushing to her. Alicia is still really processing her grief over the loss of her mother and feeling, like everyone else, a bit adrift and purposeless," Goldberg said.

"The most noble thing that she thinks she can do is carry on Madison's strength, and the tragic part of the episode is that despite her best efforts, she can't do that. And that leaves her wondering: 'What do I do now if I can't carry that forward? What am I going to do? Who am I going to be?' That's going to be her struggle for the back half of the season."

Fear The Walking Dead 410, "Close Your Eyes," airs Sunday, Aug. 19 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.