Fear the Walking Dead Character Could “Pop Up” in Rick Grimes Walking Dead Movie

A character who first appeared in Fear the Walking Dead could “pop up” in The Walking Dead [...]

A character who first appeared in Fear the Walking Dead could "pop up" in The Walking Dead movies starring Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes, according to Fear showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg. Appearing on Talking Dead following the Fear Season 5 finale, which ended with a question mark surrounding the fate of Morgan Jones (Lennie James) — the first ally Rick made after waking up in the apocalypse — Chambliss and Goldberg were hesitant to answer if Morgan survived being shot in the shoulder and left to be torn apart by walkers. But the showrunners, returning for Season 6, say another character who first appeared in Season 5 could resurface elsewhere in TWD Universe.

Asked if CRM soldier Isabelle (Sydney Lemmon) could reunite with Al (Maggie Grace) after the two shared a short-lived romantic connection, Goldberg answered, "I mean, anything's possible." Added Chambliss, "We'll say we're big fans of those two characters, and we'd love to see them again. And I think we'll also say it's a very big universe, and Isabelle could pop up anywhere."

As first revealed by TWD chief content officer Scott Gimple at New York Comic Con, the three-circle symbol associated with CRM — a logo also seen on the side of the helicopter that abducted Rick from Virginia in TWD Season 9 — is representative of three civilizations that are "bound and entwined in some ways." One of these civilizations will be explored in AMC's still-untitled second TWD spinoff, already confirmed to have ties to TWD movie trilogy.

Chambliss and Goldberg previously said future crossovers between TWD and Fear are decisions that will be made by Gimple, who first imported Morgan and then Dwight (Austin Amelio) from the main show to the spinoff.

"Andrew and I are really just focused on Fear. Scott Gimple is in charge of the greater universe," Goldberg told press at WonderCon earlier this year. "I think we can say it's a universe that's constantly expanding and intersecting with each other, so anything's possible. We've seen crossovers happen and they've been really exciting, so I'd say to expect more."

Updates on the Rick-led movies have been few and far between since the effort was first announced last November, but Gimple promises developments on that front are imminent.

"I hate giving this answer because it drives people nuts, but we're close to telling more soon. We've been working really, really hard," Gimple told ComicBook.com at TWD's Season 10 premiere, where he added franchise creator Robert Kirkman is "very heavily involved" in the movie side of TWD Universe.

Lemmon was most recently cast in a lead role in Marvel's Helstrom, expected for a 2020 release on Hulu.

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