Colman Domingo Teases 'Fear The Walking Dead' Getting New 'Big Bad'

While Colman Domingo went behind-the-camera to direct an episode of Fear the Walking Dead, his Victor Strand character has been making moves.

Strand was sidelined for a trio of episodes as Domingo prepped and shot his first ever episode of a television series as a director. He will return for Fear the Walking Dead Episode 4x13, making an effort to find some survivors with Garret Dillahunt's John Dorie. Speaking to, Domingo offered up a tease of what to expect from his next appearance.

"We left Strand here, he was still on the island with John Dorie," Domingo said. "Hopefully we'll see him again soon. But Strand has made sort of peace with, this island may be his prison, and that may be it. He's on this island right now with John Dorie, who has now just given up a bit of his hope. They were wrestling with ideologies for one episode, and now they're both in the same place, and now hopefully it's going to take them, another element to bring some hope back to them, and hopefully it comes soon."

In fact, hope might not be too far off for the remaining survivors on Fear the Walking Dead. Though they are scattered now in the aftermath of the hurricane, their reunion may be on the horizon.

"I think we're going to see some sort of reassembling of some of the cast, and their going to be challenged even more so by a really dark presence," Domingo said. "Maybe. There's the big bad, I think it's probably our first time we had a really big bad. But they're going to be challenged by this, and this force is going to possibly destroy them, or somehow they'll come through it in a better way. But they're really going to be at this huge cross roads as a group."


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