'Fear The Walking Dead': Colman Domingo Teases Madison's Fate

Fear the Walking Dead fans suspecting Madison Clark's imminent death are getting glimmers of hope [...]

Fear the Walking Dead fans suspecting Madison Clark's imminent death are getting glimmers of hope from Victor Strand actor Colman Domingo.

The actor caught with ComicBook.com for an exclusive interview at Walker Stalker Con in Nashville, Tennessee, where Domingo promised the future for Madison might not be as dark as fans are suspecting. Madison, who has been with the show since its first episode, has not appeared in a single scene labeled as "NOW" but only the earlier timeline labeled as "BEFORE." Still, Domingo promises "hope."

"A little hope for Madison?" Domingo said. "There's a lot of hope for Madison! Madison is such a compelling, interesting, strong, ferocious character. You never know. There's some speculation. They don't know what's going on because we haven't seen her in the new timeline. Is she kidnapped? Did she runaway? Is she holed up somewhere in a basement? You have no idea."

Fear the Walking Dead does have a history of splitting the character up only to find ways to bring them back together. Such moves have been common through its earlier seasons. The speculation, however, is fueled by Alicia and Nick's relentless desire to take down the Vultures who had previous been eyeing the baseball stadium.

"That's why I love the speculation because you just never know," Domingo said. "We're constantly just messing with your mind. It just keeps you nervous and keeps you in tuned. But, also, that's the reality. Let's say we were all together. You may go off sometime and do something else! And they, 'Hey.' It's interesting to see how we all come back together."

Whether or not Madison makes it out of the baseball stadium alive or beyond, Domingo does promise at least a bit more depth in the relationship between his Strand character and Dickens' former guidance counselor.

"I saw a few more episodes and I think you're gonna see a little more Stradison," Domingo said. "They have a deep, deep bond, and I think it just gets deeper and deeper. There's some things that are gonna happen in the episodes that I think are challenging everybody but it just goes very deep with Madison."

Hear more about Strand's current scenario and what's coming on Fear the Walking Dead in the ComicBook.com's Walker Stalker/FanFest interview above! The next Walker Stalker event is scheduled for August in Orlando, Florida.

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