Fear The Walking Dead Producer Discusses The Mythology Bombshell In Los Muertos


Warning: Spoilers for the Los Muertos episode of Fear the Walking Dead follow.

Sunday's new episode of Fear the Walking Dead may have just dropped a bombshell which would alter the mythology of the entire Walking Dead universe should one particular character being telling the truth.

Alejandro, the pharmacist and acting doctor of the Tijuana community, was revealed to have allegedly been bitten by an infected and not turned into a walker. Not only did Alejandro make the claim, but Luciana backs up the story and moments late in the episode revealed an intense scarring on Alejandro's shoulder.

Given how dedicated fans of anything Walking Dead related are and have been for years, altering the mythology of the world they've come to know has to be handled extremely delicately. Introducing a character (in the spinoff series, nonetheless) who has immunity comparable to that of Ellie from The Last of Us would mean that everything Rick Grimes' group has come to know could be altered.

Fear the Walking Dead producer Dave Erickson is aware of the pressure while diving into such a story line.

"He already had this admiration, and his following, and people who gravitated towards him as a community leader," Erickson says of Alejandro. "The story of the bite is something that has galvanized this community and really drawn them that much closer because they believe there's something, to say the least, something special about him. Yeah, there's a very specific story line that's going to play out and it has a lot to do with questions of faith, and questions of trust, and specifically Nick's relationship with his new father figure."

Notice: While Erickson discussed what the bite would mean for the show's mythology, he said nothing about Alejandro actually being immune or introducing a cure to the infection in the world of The Walking Dead.

"[Nick]'s looking for a father figure just to an extent," Erickson says. "The bite, and the sort of cultured personality that's risen around the bite is something that Nick is honestly a little bit skeptical of. I think he isn't somebody who trusts immediately. He's not somebody who is going to embrace. He doesn't take things at face value."

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Touching on Luciana backing up Alejandro's story, Erickson says it is "tied up" in their relationship.

"It is really a question, for her specifically, of blind faith, and devotion, and trust in your leaders and in what they represent," he says. "That's something that Nick has to slowly wrap his brain around or not."


"That's my long winded way of saying, 'Yes, it's going to be answered but it's going to take a little bit of time.'"

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