Fear The Walking Dead Recap With Spoilers: Grotesque

Nick wakes up on a mattress beneath a cross. His clothes are covered in blood and he's laying [...]

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Nick wakes up on a mattress beneath a cross. His clothes are covered in blood and he's laying beside to dead bodies. "They were close friends, I saw them a few days ago," a new character says. She opens the curtains and Nick gets up to see a young boy outside playing with a soccer ball. He asks where they are going and the woman tells Nick she is going to find the boy's father. Nick asks about the others, too. She tells him they will search for sanctuary. She asks if he will follow them. She warns him that if he is to head North, the roads are filled with enemies. She would like to go with him but she needs to take care of the orphans.

Outside, the woman hands Nick a few supplies and sends him on his way. Nick embraces the young boy happily before wishing them luck on their journey. Nick steps back inside and looks at the bodies before heading off through mountain and desert. He is covered in zombie blood and sees a sign, indicating that Tijuana is 100 miles away.

Eventually, Nick comes across a couple of wrecked cars but keeps walking.

Pre-apocalypse, Nick has a thumb war with a girl his age - Gloria. She wants him to lie about his parents so he can avoid jail. She tries to get him to talk badly about his parents but he refuses at first. Eventually, though, he starts complaining about his father being tired all the tie.

Now, Nick continues his trek as the sun sets. He finds an abandoned house and investigates inside. Night falls and Nick is asleep. A woman finds him with a baseball bat and starts yelling at him in Spanish. He tries to leave and grab his bag first but she strikes him repetitively and he leaves without it.

The next day, he continues down another street, obviously in a bit of pain from the encounter. He comes across abandoned cars and finds a walker buckled into the drivers seat reaching for him. He touches her finger tips before taking some water from the floor. He reaches for the radio in her car as the walker's teeth smash together in efforts to bite Nick. He gets it, nonetheless and tries to find a signal but a few men approach in a Jeep. They use a bayonet to put down a not-so-distant walker. Nick hides, watching the men approach a man in his car asking for water. They kill him and laugh. Nick's radio starts to make noise so he takes off. The men shoot at him as he runs into the woods nearby. He eventually finds a vast field and stumbles through it alone.

Later, Nick struggles to catch his breathe as the sun beats down on him. He steps on a cactus which prompts him to realize there is water inside of it. He cracks it in half but nothing comes out so he crushes it a bit and gets some. It makes him sick though. Eventually, he resorts to drinking his own urine.

Pre-apocalypse, Nick and Gloria sit in a police station waiting. Madison walks in. A woman cuts Nick off on his way to her and tells him they'll meet privately.

The first thing Nick asks about is his father. She tells him he isn't coming, adding that he was in an accident on his way home. He died in a head on collision. Nick doesn't take the news well. Gloria hears Nick's yells from the hallway and goes to see what happened.

Now, Nick wakes up to a couple of rabid dogs barking at him. One starts biting his leg and he uses a rock to fight it off. The other latches onto him and he tries to climb on top of an abandoned van. It loses it's grip but the damage is already done to Nick's leg. The barking stops as a horde of walkers approaches. The dogs start to attack the walkers. They take down a couple but ultimately serve as a distraction to the walkers, getting devoured.

Later, Nick moves around on top of te van causing it to make noise and attract the walkers. Just as they close in and Nick resorts to prayer, a horn sounds and attracts the walkers in another direction. Gun shots ring out in the distance. Nick jumps from the fan and stumbles over to the dog for something to eat just like the walkers. One walker makes its way back to him but he gets on top of it and takes its belt, only to hustle off and walk with the horde. He starts to become delusional on the walk and hear voices. A walker to his right tells him, "Come with me. I'll take you home." He looks to her again, in disbelief, but she's gone.

A sign indicates that the horde is 40 miles from Tijuana. Nick sees the same Jeep approaching, blowing its horn. It stops about 100 feet ahead of the horde and the men get out to gun down the walkers. Nick doesn't flinch as the undead are gunned down around him. He stares at the man ahead of him and continues his approach. The man drops his bullets and gets distracted and eventually devoured, along with his friend. One of the men escapes in the Jeep. Nick watches them get eaten.

Later, Nick and the horde continue on their path. A group of three watch them from above. They debate helping him. Nick collapses and Luciana decides not to help him but the other men want to.

Pre-apocalypse, Nick and Gloria lay in bed reading a book. They are in the church where we first found Nick in Season 1. Gloria grabs some drugs and the two get ready for a high.

Now, Nick lays in the street as rain falls on him. He's happy.

Later, it's hot and sunny again. Nick limps through a neighborhood as dogs bark at him. He has found Tijuana. He heads into a drug store but it's been raided so he struggles to find anything. The shelves are desolate. He searches everywhere. He eventually finds some gauze to bandage himself up with. While he's applying it, Luciana and her two men walk in the door with guns. They ask if it's a bite and he explains that a dog bit him, not a walker. She offers him help and invites him with her.

Elsewhere, Nick is cared for by a well-kept man using gloves to keep his injury sterilized. He cuts Nick's jeans with scissors. He uses some rubbing alcohol to clean the wound. He tells Nick Luciana said he was brave but says he is not brave but foolish. He tells Nick walking with the dead is strange company. Nick tells the doctor that he wants to be where the dead aren't monsters. The doctor opens the doors and Nick follows, seeing a thriving community. He walks outside into it, past Luciana, and observes this new world he has found. People are boxing, playing soccer, carrying purses, cooking, buying clothes and food at a market... The ball rolls to Nick and he kicks it back with a smile.