Fear The Walking Dead: Watch The Talked About Scene From North

The second half of Fear The Walking Dead's second season kept up with the fast pace, and it brought fans a ton of exciting moments.

The biggest of these, however, was the scene that brought the season to a close. Going out with a bang doesn't even begin to describe what we just saw.

Nick convinced Luciana and the people of La Colonia to leave their home before they could be attacked, and he took them on a type of Mecca. Their ultimate goal is to make it to safety, and that journey leads them to the US-Mexico border.

(Photo: AMC)

Just when the survivors, as well as the audience, think they are home-free, a group of soldiers open fire on their group. Women and children are among them, but it doesn't seem to matter.

Many of the refugees take shots, including Nick's girl, Luciana. The shooting takes them completely by surprise. Nick tries to rally his people together, but the soldiers surround them before he gets the chance.


This scene was devastating for the characters, and it will change the landscape for the story in season three.

Check out the video above to watch the talked about scene from Fear The Walking Dead's season two finale, North.