Fear The Walking Dead: Watch The Talked About Scene From Wrath

The first hour of Fear The Walking Dead's season two finale was beyond epic, as it seemed like every single moment was better than the one before.

Ofelia was hammering down on walkers at the border, Travis learned about the death of his son, and Alejandro revealed that he wasn't actually immune. Each event in this episode has changed the landscape of Fear The Walking Dead, but one of these scenes stood out among the rest.

You know exactly which one that is.

(Photo: AMC)

After learning that the men who killed Chris are in the hotel, Travis knows he has to end them. Despite pleas from Madison and the others, Travis locks himself in a room with the two, and decides it's time to show them justice.

What happened next was a fight that rivaled Rick and Pete's encounter in Alexandria. To say Travis went ham on Brandon and Derek is an understatement - Travis sent those men to hell three times over.


The beating is one that is hard to describe in words, and you'll just have to watch the video above to enjoy it in all its gory splendor.

Because of Travis' handiwork, the family will be forced to leave the hotel for good. What was once a fortress of safety and solitude, will now just be a reminder of the home they had.