Fear The Walking Dead: Will LOST-Style Flashbacks Be A Regular Thing?

Warning: mild spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead's midseason premiere follow.With Fear the Walking [...]


Warning: mild spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead's midseason premiere follow.

With Fear the Walking Dead's return on Sunday night, audiences were treated to some pre-apocalyptic scenes taking them back to Nick's teenage life. The flashback scenes were scattered throughout the episode, revealing Nick's troubled past and relationship with Gloria, offering up a feeling similar to an episode of LOST.

This is hardly the first time Fear the Walking Dead (or its older sibling, The Walking Dead) has used flashbacks to enhance the storytelling. Earlier this season, Strand's charming history was revealed through a series of flashbacks in a highly acclaimed episode.

For fans who are digging the flashback style of storytelling, we've got some good news and some bad news.

Bad news first: flashbacks won't be very common on Fear the Walking Dead. Asking Fear producer Dave Erickson if the flashbacks would be a regular occurence on the AMC series, he simply says, "Not really."

"The thing about LOST, the way that show is structured, from the get go it was always about those parallel stories and it was always important to have, in terms of how that story eventually laid out you needed to know what they were running from, who they were before, what their sins were," Erickson explains. "I think for us it's not going to be something we do that often. Frankly, I mean I'd do it again as we move into season 3 but I think if it informs the story a little bit, if it can balance off what's going on in the present then I think there's value to them, but it won't be a regular device the way they did it on LOST."

That said, the good news is that we will continue to see at least a few more flashbacks as the season presses on. While some episodes will introduce characters in a pre-apocalyptic setting, others will explore characters' pasts, including Ofelia.

"There will be a flashback with Ofelia," Ofelia actress Mercedes Mason promises. "There's two or three episodes in the second half that I absolutely love and it's gonna say a lot about her character. We'll definitely understand what's going on in her head and the choices she makes because of it after the flashbacks."

"In one of the flashbacks, you'll see, she had a choice to do one thing and she chose her parents over that choice," Mason says. "I think that sort of haunts her and now that her parents aren't around, it's forced her to look at herself and all the choices she's made and what it means for her life."

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