Here's Who Might Die In The Next Episodes Of The Walking Dead

Potential spoilers for the next few episodes of The Walking Dead follow.With three episodes [...]

Potential spoilers for the next few episodes of The Walking Dead follow.

With three episodes remaining in the first half of The Walking Dead's seventh season, Negan hasn't proven to be as deadly as some expected. Five episodes in and his only kills of the season came in the Season 7 premiere, which technically started in Season 6.

Only about a week has passed in the story's timeline since the season began. No one from Alexandria has died since Glenn. Nor has anyone from the Hilltop or Kingdom. However, that will likely change in the final three episodes of 2016.

Starting with this Sunday's new episode, a 70-minute Tara-centric story which will finally see her and Heath's supply run carried out, there might be a major and somewhat unexpected death. As the rumors go, Corey Hawkins' Heath character is expected to bow out.

Of course, going by the comics, Heath would not die this Sunday. In fact, Heath remains alive in the most current issues of The Walking Dead comics, but rumors which started filling comment sections during the off-season claimed that the character will be bowing out in Episode 7x06. It's possible, but not one to bet the house on.

On the other hand, the safe bet for a major death would have to be Spencer. The groundwork for Spencer's comic book death was laid out in Episode 7x04 when he developed a defiant view of Rick's leadership. In the comics, Spencer tries to bargain a deal with Negan to have Rick killed which would see Spencer emerge as the leader of Alexandria as his parents were before him. Negan, however, doesn't enjoy a cowardly traitor, and proceeds to kill Spencer but slicing his stomach open to expose his real guts.

The highest expectation for deaths right now circle around Carl and Jesus who appear to be in the most danger. The two characters are hidden in the back of a truck on their way to Negan's Sanctuary on assassination and recon missions. For now, though, we're ruling both of those characters as safe.

We shouldn't rule Daryl as 'safe' either, given he is still a prisoner of war, but no one is truly expecting to see the little Dixon brother killed off any time soon. For now, we're going to place the most danger on Spencer, Heath, and Olivia -- just because she already pissed off the boss.

Twists on the expectations are absolutely not unheard of on this show -- which is why we can't be too sure if it will be Sasha or Tara who fills out Holly's self-sacrificing comic book storyline as the All Out War begins. That, however, won't be realized until much further down the line.

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