Is Fear's Madison Related To A The Walking Dead Character?

In Sunday's episode of Fear the Walking Dead, Madison Clark had a few too many in a Tijuana bar [...]

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In Sunday's episode of Fear the Walking Dead, Madison Clark had a few too many in a Tijuana bar and started spilling some details of her past to Victor Strand. One of those details stood out to viewers: Madison is from Alabama.

Most fans of Fear the Walking Dead found it by originally being fans of The Walking Dead, which means most of the audience put together that she is the only character to have revealed a tie to the southeastern part of the country where The Walking Dead takes place.

Naturally, the Internet busted into theory and speculation with a few different angles of connection to The Walking Dead gaining steam as the 2016 audience is always hungry for a crossover.

First, there's the idea of Madison being the sister of Rick Grimes. In The Walking Dead comics, Rick has a brother Jeff who was mentioned very early on in the series and apparently forgotten by big Sheriff brother but not the writers. Earlier this year, a one-shot comic book was released called The Walking Dead: The Alien which followed Jeff Grimes on a journey through Barcelona while the zombie outbreak was fresh. Just as he set sail for the U.S., he revealed himself to be the brother of protagonist Rick Grimes but likely never found big bro seeing as he was bleeding out due to walker bite.

Madison's name would have likely been changed for her first marriage which is why she is no longer going by Madison Grimes. The biggest question, which will apply to all of the theories, is why Rick never mentioned his sister out in California or and likewise for Madison's lack of interest in connecting with her brother, a cop who may have had answers about what's going on.

The next possibility would be Lori Grimes, who seems much more feasible. Lori hardly asked questions about her husband who was in a nearby hospital when the world went down so her sister from across the country would probably be an afterthought. Very little of Lori's past was revealed to the audience, so it is entirely possible that the two characters grew up together in Alabama. Of course, it would be an interesting (however unnecessary) connection between the two shows seeing as Lori has been dead for some time now and Madison will never be able to pull off a family reunion.

All things considered, Madison really could be related to a number of other characters from The Walking Dead. The Dixon brothers, Carol, or even Andrea.

Those fans hoping for a connection may be out of luck, though.

"As of right now, no, there is no plan," Fear producer Dave Erickson tells "From a narrative perspective, nevermind the geography of it all, I think it would be too difficult to pull off. I don't think there's anything, as far as I've read in the comic, I don't think there's any trackway for that either. It's such a complicated proposition and I think for the time being, the two shows just need to exist in their own spheres."

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