Jeffrey Dean Morgan: "I'm More Of A Man Than The Rock Ever Could Be"

Jeffrey Dean Morgan may have just started a war! At the premiere of The Walking Dead's tenth [...]

Jeffrey Dean Morgan may have just started a war! At the premiere of The Walking Dead's tenth season, the Negan actor (known also for roles in Watchmen, Supernatural, and Grey's Anatomy among other titles) might have started a fun little feud with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Morgan and Johnson starred in Rampage together, becoming close pals throughout production and often interacting in fun ways on social media since. After covering Hobbs & Shaw in Hawaii with Johnson, complete with a celebratory shot of tequila, I posed a similar opportunity for Morgan in celebration of The Walking Dead's tenth season.

After downing a shot of Jack Daniels whiskey on the red carpet, Morgan found out The Rock sipped some Don Julio at the Hobbs & Shaw event and left a bit in his glass. This prompted what might just launch an all out war: "I'm more of a man than The Rock ever could be," Morgan said.

Morgan was simply poking fun at his friend -- and Johnson has yet to respond to Morgan's jokes. Check out the exchange in the video below (and watch the full interview with Morgan in the video above)!

Morgan's Negan versus Johnson's Luke Hobbs.. who ya got?

Back in July, Johnson opened up about his ultimate goals, which lead to the shot of tequila being shared. "I think we share the same values or similar values," Johnson said, acknowledging my career with which was discussed outside prior to cameras rolling for our interview. "I think what's going to happen for you too, and you're probably already there now, is you're going to reach a point where you want to start giving back, and making sure that you're fostering a lot of people around you to succeed with you, and bring them up within your company and foster them and create a culture around you. [That culture is] one of ambition, one of success, one of gratitude and one of tequila."

Check out the video with Johnson below!

Who you got in a fight -- Morgan's Negan from The Walking Dead or Johnson's Luke Hobbs from Hobbs & Shaw? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram or Twitter!

The Walking Dead returns for its tenth season at 9pm ET on October 6 on AMC.