Will Rick And Michonne Say "I Love You" On 'The Walking Dead'?

It is rare for two characters on The Walking Dead to have time to form a relationship, let alone [...]

It is rare for two characters on The Walking Dead to have time to form a relationship, let alone live longer enough for it to prosper. For Rick and Michonne, however, a relationship will do just that as the show marches into its eighth season.

The two characters began their intimate relationship in Season 6 following a short time jump at the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Since taking their friendship to the next level, the two survivors have relied heavily on one another to continue through the trying times which have pitted them against Negan and the Saviors.

So, the fans want to know whether or not Rick and Michonne will finally tell one another those three special words: "I love you." According to Rick actor Andrew Lincoln in exclusive interview with ComicBook.com, it is constantly said when the two characters are together.

"I like to think it's said in my eyes every time that we speak," Lincoln said.

Going forward in Season 8, the two characters will continue to thrive as their relationship blossoms and serves as a pillar for each other.

"I certainly think that you will see... They're sort of mama and papa of the community," Lincoln said. "They've become these, in equal parts, warrior-lovers. There's also an enormous sense of emotional responsibility. She's incredibly... She's able to unpick Rick and help. She's instrumental last season in lifting him back up onto his feet and making him remember who he is and, certainly, that intimacy and that respect for one another is absolutely a vein that is at the heart of this season."

The Walking Dead returns on Sunday with its 100th episode. Episode 8x01 is titled, "Mercy." The official synopsis for Mercy reads, "Rick and his group, along with the Kingdom and Hilltop, have banded together to bring the fight to Negan and the Saviors."

"There's some great stuff coming up. Not a ton in the first episode because we're setting the stage for our war where we left at the end of last year," executive producer Greg Nicotero said. "The first episode has a lot of interesting nods to previous seasons. If you watch it and you know the show pretty well, you'll recognize them -- as much as me shooting shot for shot a sequence that was in an earlier episode."

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