Talking Dead Guests Are Alanna Masterson, Sarah Hyland, And Cassandra Peterson

Directly following The Walking Dead, the second-most viewed show on Sunday nights will air. Talking Dead, the aftershow for the popular zombie-drama is still going strong, despite its late air-time.

Each week, guests join host Chris Hardwick, to break down the episodes of the newest episode. The group talks about where the show will go from there and how the events of the episode unfolded, and the show takes some time to answer fan questions and debut exclusive content.

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This week, one member of The Walking Dead cast will join the talk show, along with two other recognizable actresses.

Alanna Masterson will appear as the featured member of Talking Dead's guest panel, as she is currently one of the series regulars on The Walking Dead. Not only is she important to the show, but her character, Tara, is the focal point of this week's episode. If anyone can offer some insight into 'Swear', it's Alanna Masterson.

Sarah Hyland will be the second guest on Talking Dead this week. The 26-year-old actress has appeared in projects such as Vampire Academy, XOXO, and Bonnie And Clyde. Her most recognizable role, however, is on the ABC hit comedy, Modern Family. Hyland plays the Dunphy's oldest daughter, Haley. She will also be seen in the TV musical, Dirty Dancing.

The last guest on Talking Dead is a horror-cult icon, Cassandra Peterson. The actress has enjoyed a long career, due to the success of her popular character, Elvira. The Mistress Of The Dark began hosting the Move Macabre in the 80s, and became an overnight sensation.

Talking Dead will air directly after tonight's episode of The Walking Dead.