'The Walking Dead' Gets Perfect 90s Style Theme Song

The Walking Dead's theme song is one of the most iconic on television but redone to fit themes of the 90's add an appropriate touch of nostalgia.

As seen in the video above, YouTube user Ene Catalin published a video of The Walking Dead's opening credits set to 90's style production, titles, and music. The video was published in March of 2013, during the show's third season. As a result, it features cast members such as Sarah Wayne Callies, Jon Bernthal, and Steven Yeun -- none of whom are on The Walking Dead anymore.

The comment section on the YouTube video says enough about how much fans of The Walking Dead appreciated the 90's. "God I miss the 90's," writes user Adam's House, with Rubycon99 adding, "I like this because it's really subtle. It's an obvious joke, it just legitimately looks like an opening for some s---ty 90's Saturday afternoon UPN show."

Everyone remembers those Saturday afternoon UPN shows.

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