The Walking Dead Might Have Already Revealed If Negan Is Really Joining the Whisperers

Is The Walking Dead's former bat-swinging bad guy back to his old ways? In Season 10, Savior [...]

Is The Walking Dead's former bat-swinging bad guy back to his old ways? In Season 10, Savior fanboy Brandon (Blaine Kern III) reunited escaped prisoner Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) with his long-lost leather jacket and a replica Lucille, the beloved barbwire-wrapped baseball bat Negan wielded when imposing rule over Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his band of survivors. Some eight years later, Negan is on the loose and has pledged his supposed undying loyalty to Alpha (Samantha Morton) of the Whisperers, even as she wages war against Negan's former captors, including Daryl (Norman Reedus) and confidant Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam).

Negan will further align himself with Alpha and the Whisperers when he commits a dirty deed in the midseason 10 premiere, "Squeeze," and later this season, he'll get his wish for his own "skin suit" — at least part of one — as Negan is seen lurking among the disguised Whisperers with his own fleshy mask.

While it would seem the Whisperers' latest recruit is committed to the cause, The Walking Dead may have already outed Negan's true allegiance — whether or not Negan's time with the Whisperers unfolds as it did in the comic books.

In a new promo for the half-season, Negan admits he's "not much on saving people," despite multiple attempts to convince Rick, and himself, he was "saving" people when he ruled the Saviors. Since his incarceration, Negan put himself at risk to rescue Judith (Cailey Fleming) and Dog when they were lost in a vicious blizzard, and in Season 10, Negan put himself in danger when lending a hand to a temporarily blinded Aaron (Ross Marquand).

While outside Alexandria's walls, having been set free by a so far unidentified accomplice, Negan killed Brandon after his former keeper murdered young boy Milo (Roman Spink) and his mother, Amelia (Virginia Newcomb), innocents who came under Negan's short-lived protection. Negan only found himself in this situation because he was put in hot water after rescuing ex-Whisperer Lydia (Cassady McClincy), who was targeted and attacked by a pack of Alexandria bullies led by Margo (Jerri Tubbs).

Margo was accidentally killed when Negan tore her off Lydia, an accidental slaying that put Negan at risk of being executed. Before Gabriel could officially cast his vote, it was discovered Negan had escaped; not long after, Negan was captured by Beta (Ryan Hurst) when he intentionally crossed into Whisperer territory.

While Negan proclaims he's "not big on saving people" — despite a recent record of heroic deeds — that is a philosophy exhibited by the Whisperers, who believe in survival of the fittest. Only Gamma (Thora Birch) saved another person when she got her sister killed while saving Alpha, a deed she's come to regret as she further distances herself from the Whisperers.

It can be assumed, then, that Negan's statement isn't made among the Whisperers, but is said to the survivors. Perhaps Negan is recruited for a rescue mission, fulfilling Reedus' tease the heroes might need to call on Negan sometime this season.

"I think that, moving forward, our group is in big trouble with the Whisperers, much more trouble than they were in with Negan and the Saviors. And if I think if someone can step forward and help, it's Negan," Morgan said on a past episode of Talking Dead. "Will our group be open to that? I mean, honestly, I don't know what's in Angela [Kang, showrunner] or [TWD chief content officer Scott] Gimple's mind and what they have in store. But I would love to see him get a chance to work with our group. Just give him the chance."

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