The Walking Dead And Outcast's Robert Kirkman To Do Reddit AMA

TWD Outcast

On Monday, the writer and creator of AMC's The Walking Dead and Cinemax's upcoming Outcast series will open up on a Reddit AMA in promotion of his new series.

The official Outcast Twitter account made the announcement earlier today.

While a great many fans are going to be asking about The Walking Dead, we can be sure that Kirkman is not going to reveal who Negan killed. That said, too many people will ask anyway. With Outcast on the horizon, most questions answered will probably be regarding the new series.

Prior to his success in television and movies, Robert Kirkman became an accomplished comic book writer. The Walking Dead printed its 154th issue recently, Outcast is going on issue #19, Invincible (which is yet to be adapted but hopefully will be) has issue #129 in its near future. Before so many self-made titles, Kirkman worked on several titles at Marvel, as well. He really made his mark by branching out with Battle Pope back in 2000.


The Walking Dead will return for its seventh season in October and Outcast debuts June 3 on Cinemax.